Volt Athletics

Web Design

Brand Evolution

As Volt expanded its audience range, there emerged a clear need for a much more robust, distinct, and accessible online presence. This previously intense and heavy brand now had to appeal to more than its original narrow range of strength coaches and athletes.

In redesigning Volt's website, I played the part of web designer, art director, and a bit of developer. I collaborated across the company to understand the greater vision for the future of the brand, and how to bridge that gap from present to future.

Brand Evolution

Volt's previous brand had an intense, dark, and heavy aesthetic that had only recently stopped using black backgrounds throughout all creative collateral. Additional contributors to that look and feel was the exclusive use of condensed text, heavily edited images, and dense content.

In my updated designs, I extended the type styles to be capable of handling more robust content, and, improved legibility by introducing a non-condensed version of the brand font. I also weaved in full-bleed, immersive imagery. In tandem, all content now has much more breathing room, creating moments of greater impact throughout and bringing about a far more memorable piece.

Content Architecture

Volt's business consists of B2B and B2C audiences, and the lines between the two can easily become confusing to anyone new to the product. The website needed to make this distinction easy to comprehend while also creating a straightforward path for any potential user.

To achieve this, I created clear CTA's in the homepage and nav-bar experience for the two audiences. Both cater to the same user paths (sports teams, military, fire and rescue, police, and corporate wellness) but at different levels (administrative or individual). I made this distinction through consistent terminology, and linking each audience to their respective product. The B2B customers use the web app, and the B2C customers use the iOS or Android app.

Appealing to Consumers

The fitness app world gets predictable fast, with many products promising the world but ultimately falling short. In contrast, Volt lives up to its promises. But as it was until recently focused on an audience fluent in strength training lingo, often times value-props fell by the wayside.

I took cues from competitors as well as Volt's recently revamped sign-up flow to curate a catch-all consumer landing page from scratch. The result—shown below—is transparent about pricing, openly features the product experience, and explains the value of the training in layman's terms.

A Modular Design System

These unique pages are easily put together from a set of blocks, and follow some simple rules. The second block overlaps with the hero banner, creating eye-catching dimensionality. H1 text styling alternates from uppercase to sentence case block to block, and full-bleed images are weaved into that flow to create moments of pause and impact.

As Volt continues to grow, these designs can be used to created on-brand, one-off landing pages for any new markets.