Memento Mori


Web Design


Memento Mori is an oddities and taxidermy shop located in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Fransisco. They cater to the peculiar by specializing in strange antiquities and unique jewels.

This project is a hypothetical rebrand of Loved to Death. An under-branded but extremely unique retail space, it is well deserving of a visual language capable of carrying its mystical aesthetic in a digital space.


I renamed the shop to Memento Mori in a nod to a type of taxidermy mentioned on the current website. This new name lent itself to a gloomy Victorian era aesthetic that became an integral part of the brand.

Initially I took a hand drawn approach for the logotype, but after several attempts to refine this I ultimately moved my scraggly letterforms into a vector space and created a completely custom modern blackletter.


The final logotype and brand aesthetic is unique, relevant, and appealing to the audience. To create even more of a vocabulary for Memento Mori, I created additional hand drawn illustration assets for interchangeable use with the logotype. By then combining these vector assets with photography, the overall visual language is organic and textural while still extremely intentional.


Memento Mori’s website needed to translate the mystical feeling of the store to a purely digital experience. This extended out onto photo treatment and presentation of the products in a way that blends photography into the vector space.

As a guidepost I aimed to keep the design simple to allow for the unique products to stand out, and keyed off Victorian era flyers as a reference for typographic layout.


Consistent look and feel of merchandise is essential to a brand identity living primarily in a retail environment. Branded Memento Mori products would bring a sense of cohesion to the assortment of various eclectic products sold in the store.