Matuškov Chodník

Interactive Publication

An interactive publication portraying a true story escape from then-communist Czechoslovakia. The story itself was extracted and translated from a series of interviews conducted in Slovakian. Additionally, all collages have been created from actual photographs from the time.

The overall look and feel draw heavily from a combination of Dada and Constructivism, reflected in photo treatment and layout. Spot colors are steadily added to the publication as the they get closer to escaping to freedom. The images shown on the last few pages are displayed in full color to represent their transition out of communism.


Every image used to compose the collage on a the main pages is showcased in a gallery alongside supplemental imagery to aid the story.

Users can tap on any image on any page to access that pages gallery! The gallery consists of the images featured on the source page as well as supplemental imagery that aids in telling the story. Each image on the gallery page also contains additional text explaining the content.