Cortex is Volt's performance training AI that builds, tracks, and adapts user's workout plans for continually personalized training. Launched in 2018, it existed without a fully distinguished visual language of its own—until now.

Coordinated with the Head of Design and many others across the company, including stakeholders, to create a brand capable of fitting within the existing visual language of Volt, while still being distinguished enough to hold its own.


I began by chatting with Volt's Co-Founders as well as others that played a part in the initial creation of Cortex to understand its greater vision and purpose. It became clear that Cortex needs to communicate to users the Volt is always working in the background to adjust their training, constantly getting them to the best results. Using this as my jumping off point, I knew the mark needed to play off of Volt's shield logo in some way.


The final mark subtly mimics the shape of the shield without creating any confusing parallels and still remaining within existing aesthetics. It brings a new level of premium to the overall brand, and can be put into motion very naturally. The logo sits instinctively within the app on its own, and when it does have to be used in a formal lockup it does not presume any dominance over the primary brand.

Scope and Context

Other than begin used in varied marketing collateral, Cortex mainly exists in Volt's workout experience. It is used to communicate when a user has gotten stronger, that they're right on track, and several other messages to keep them going during a workout.

It feel to the logo animation for Cortex to come across as motivational but still sleek and premium. And with an almost real-life bounce and quickness, it achieves jus that. This animation also played its part in announcing the new brand and other updates in the app and on social media.