Color Corps


Web Design

Print Design

Color Corps is a nonprofit organization based in California dedicated to creating change for children and residents of disadvantaged communities. In painting neighborhoods with color and pattern they aim to impart positive messages of optimism and hope.


The new logotype solution is multi-colored but high contrast, hand-crafted but still distinguishable. I essentially strove to create a visual interpretation of their mission statement, which speaks to a passion to remedy monotony and stir emotions of joy.

To further communicate the Color Corps mission with visual language, I expanded the brand through iconography and photography.

Web Design

To successfully spread the color revolution, the website had a clear need to entice potential contributors and keep others coming back. I combed through the current site's wonderfully curated content to arrange it in a more effective and digestible fashion. This meant splitting up three paragraphs of mission statement into more bite sized chunks, featuring a trio of projects rather than an overwhelming smathering, and, last but not least, integrating a clear call to action.

Contributor Welcome Package

As a thank you to these amazing volunteers, I created a small collection of memorabilia to remind them of their time spreading the color revolution. Consisting of an informational pamphlet, a coloring page, a branded t-shirt, as well as a few other knicks and knacks these items convey personality and utter appreciation.

Year in Review Publication

I wanted to create an opportunity for Color Corps to reach out to past contributors and partners as an incentive to participate again. The Year In Review publication would feature all the years projects as well as members of the organization and major contributors.