Concept Development

UX Case Study


Existing pill reminder apps are clunky, underdesigned, and long overdue for a fresh approach. Apt.Care is an friendly and lightweight product that allows user to keep all of their prescription information in one, readily accessible spot. Syncing with a smart pill organizer, this product concept could infallibility keeps users from misdosing.

Competitor Research

The problem with existing pill reminder systems is that they tend to be either exclusive, attempt to do far too much, are thoroughly under-designed, or have long become outdated.

The goal of Apt.Care is to modernize and simplify this, a small part of the healthcare process.


Existing services like PillPack, while extremely innovative and thoughtful, might deter those who wish to remain with their current pharmacy as well as those whose insurance restricts them to specific pharmacies and medications.


MedMinder  is seemingly successful with a very narrow target audience — the elderly. This product requires users to rent out a pill dispenser at a minimum rate of $39.99 a month or, similarly to PillPack, switch over to the MedMinder Pharmacy. Well suited for elderly individuals taking multiple medication and on more flexible healthcare plan.


Lastly, the Medisafe app is a perfect example of outdated design and attempts to do everything from add doctors appointments, keep a diary, and multiple profiles on one account. It’s a bit much and becomes confusing very quickly.

Target Audience

Apt.Care’s user journey and visual design is aimed at middle aged and young people taking multiple prescriptions and under an insurance plan that restricts them to specific pharmacies and generic drugs.

By putting more control in the users hands, such as inputting their own prescriptions and re-filling their pill containers themselves, this product would cut down on the costs seen in competitor products and help put users in control of their health.


Those suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health ailments often face a long journey of finding a treatment that works. Making it easy to track their medications can go a long way in helping these individuals feel they’re reaching success with their prescriptions.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription painkillers are just as deadly as street drugs and actually kill six times more people each year than heroin. Apt.Care would help keep individuals accountable to their sobriety by sending dynamic updates to selected family and friends. This would instill a social pressure that no other product has to offer.


According to the NEIH, up to 50% of us don’t take our medicines as prescribed, as in at the wrong times, wrong amounts, even wrong meds. An accessible and easy to use system could benefit everyone.


Apt.Care prioritizes accessibility to daily dose statuses. Users will check Apt.Care to make sure they’ve taken their correct doses, at the correct time.


Users also have the option to purchase an Apt.Care Weekly Pill Container. The container would sync with the app and allows for further ease of mind as pill reminder notifications are only marked as complete once the medication has been removed from the notification slot.


The caretaker feature instills a social pressure on users to correctly take their prescriptions. Caretakers assigned to medications will receive updates of their choice to their phone or by email.

Brand Guidelines

Horizontal scrolling is used through the pages: account, each medication, medication details, and all the steps involved in adding a new medication or caretaker. Overall, users can easily swipe left and right across the top white areas of any screen to access the next section; and they can swipe across the bottom blue areas of any screen to access the different sub-sections of any particular section.


Swipe left and right on the blue area to traverse the different sub-sections of any section.


On the medication screens, swipe left and right on the white area to access the next or previous medication.


On the main screen, swipe up to access the medication screens.


Swipe down on any screen to access the homescreen.

Interactive Prototype

Click around and get an up-close look at Apt.Care! In case you’re wondering, existing prototype tools do not currently allow to appropriately display the interactions mentioned above.


Click here to open the prototype in a new tab!